If you’re ready to deepen your practice and teaching.

we invite you to join, Mind Coach Meditation Teacher Training Program

If you’re ready to deepen your practice and teaching. we invite you to join, Mind Coach Meditation Teacher Training Program

Become a certified Mind Coach and successfully start teaching meditation

Discover the 9 step process that unlocks new possibilities in your practice & teaching.

Learn the tradition and science behind yoga & meditation to become an impactful leader, a true force for good in this world.

20hr Online Meditation Teacher Training

This Meditation Teacher Training Is For You If...

You are ready to go beyond practising and teaching asana only yoga.

 You’ve thought about teaching meditation, but you are not clear or confident in the science and practice of Meditation.

 You are ready to teach and practise meditation in a practical, accessible, simple and deeply impactful way.

 You want to learn how to effectively teach meditation and create meditation courses that are designed for your ideal client. 

...then, become a Mind Coach and learn our lineage-based method to teach Meditation and turn your passion into a sustainable yoga offering.

After 30+ Years and Over 20,000 Hours Training Teachers, I’ve Got The Art of Teaching And Practicing Meditation Down to an Accessible Science And Method.

Mind Coach will teach you to unlock the yogic codes

allowing you to generate life-affirming transformative results for yourself and your students. You will be able to effectively and predictably teach the science and techniques of meditation using our nine-step roadmap.  


20hr Meditation Teacher Training

Self-Paced - Online - Certified Training

  • The Complete 20hr Mind Coach training and platform

  • The 9 step roadmap to teach meditation like a master
  • Practice Library
  • The business of meditation sales funnel
  • Course manual and teaching resources
  • 20hr Certification by YogaCoach & Yoga Alliance

  • BONUS: The No Classes Yoga Teachers Blueprint &Masterclass
  • BONUS: The Yogi Launchpad program

Access The 9-Step Roadmap

 Mind Coach 20hr Meditation Teacher Training will take your practice, teaching and offerings to the next level, in one accessible teacher training program you will receive every element required to teach and practice meditation with confidence 


The first step is to set a direction.

Meditation is a powerful tool it becomes your inner compass, creating a clear path in your life & teaching. Who do you want to be?

How do you want to be of benefit

& service to your community?


Learn to use the tools of yoga to enhance your human experience. Optimise the body

upgrade & activate your energy reprogram your mind for success. Learn the proven practices and the system to remove obstacles on all levels of being so that you can truly move beyond limitations

and live an extraordinary life


Understand the nature of your mind

Learn to have a deeper awareness of how your mind operates & functions.

Tap into a greater intelligence, evolve your consciousness, increase clarity and freedom and learn to share it with your community.

Step Four | GET FOCUS

Learn how to connect to your well-being blueprint and fully embody the complete system. Understand the yogi roadmap so that you remove obstacles step by step

Aligning to a deeper meaning, purpose & sense of freedom.


The true yogis were inner scientists.

They took a deep dive into the human experience and created master practices

to live life to the fullest.

Mind Coach practices have been passed down from two lineages of yoga masters

for generations.


Unlock your personal superpowers learn to confidently stand in your authority.

This will allow your unique gifts and talents to flow out into the world so you

can share them with your community!

This is a natural step in your evolution to becoming a soulful leader.


Learn to create a soulful message

that speaks directly to those you serve.

Share your gifts from direct experience

and serve at a higher level.


With Mind Coach practices you start to live and vibrate at a higher pitch and frequency, Become a magnetic leader, embody the whole science of yoga and begin to own your place in the evolution of the collective.

People recognise truth

and are magnetically drawn to it.


The end game here is to leave a legacy and become an impactful leader.

This will enable you to have more impact

and profits, positioning you to become the only logical choice in your community and inspire more people through meditation.

Are you ready to experience, embody and coach transformative meditation practices?

Mind Coach Meditation Training provides students

with the profound teachings of an

ancient lineage of yoga and meditation.

Mark Breadner, the founder of YogaCoach,

a master of yoga and Kriya practice, has created a profound yet accessible program for all levels of mediation practitioners and yoga teachers.

Based on deep inner science and mastery

these rich and proven practices will give you

the confidence and clarity to create a positive impact and transform many lives in your community.


What Our Students Say

We've helped thousands of meditators, coaches, mentors and yoga teachers become Mind Coaches empowering them to master their practice

and teach meditation like a master!


 We are so confident that you'll love Mind Coach Training we give you access

to two YogaCoach premium trainings when you join today.


The "N0-Classes" Yoga Teacher Blueprint + Masterclass

Get your copy of the “No Classes Yoga Teacher Blueprint” Masterclass where I share with you the exact steps you can take to transition you from where you are today to where you

want to be ($297 VALUE)


The Yogi Launchpad Program

Get your copy of the “No Classes Yoga Teacher Blueprint” Masterclass where I share with you the exact steps you can take to transition you from where you are today to where you

want to be ($297 VALUE)

Gain clarity, Confidence

Building Advanced Teaching Skills.

I'm Mark Breadner

My goal is to help yoga teachers utilise the whole of life systems of yoga to become the leaders for transformation and holistic health on the planet. Adding more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible.

By educating you on the incredible benefits of yoga methodology properly understood and implemented.

I am the longest ongoing serving Yoga Educator in Australia with 25 years of educating and personally training over 2500 teachers through the whole science of yoga.

I have coached and travelled with the Olympic Gold medallists and World Champions as a Personal Yoga coach in swimming & surfing.

Today, I empower the yoga community with powerful lineage-based trainings that honour yoga's true essence and deeply transform people's lives.

Here's What You Get in

The Mind Coach 20hr Online Training

Library of Lectures & Practices

Each module contains a video library of both practices & theory.

Lifetime Access

Mind Coach is self-paced learning

all content is yours for lifetime use.

Bonus Trainings

To level up your teaching skills

Course Manuals

Mind Coach manuals include all content as well templates, checklists meditation tools & resources

Accredited Certification

All YogaCoach trainings are approved and certified by Yoga Alliance. Mind Coach is a 50hr YACEP certification

Major Savings

Mind Coach is an investment in your teaching future. It will help you

generate additional teaching revenue

What Our Students Say

We've Helped Thousands of Yoga Teachers  Become a Mind Coach,  Master their Practice and Teach Meditation Like a Master!

Still have questions? We’ve got answers…

What is Mind Coach Training?

Mind Coach Training is a 20hr self-paced online accredited meditation teacher training program

Mind Coach provides a clear roadmap to help you establish a committed practice, and enable and empower you to teach meditation classes and courses

What if I'm a beginner?

Whether you're a new teacher or have been teaching for a while and are looking to deepen your practice and expand your soulful business, it's critical to invest your time and money into learning the science of yoga, doing the correct practices, and gaining the confidence to share them with the world.

Most people who embark on the practice and teaching journey with no clear roadmap will struggle in the process and will not benefit from their training and practice... don't do that.

Can I enrol in this course if I’m not a yoga teacher?

Absolutely! If you are a passionate meditator, a wellness coach, or even completely new to the practice, this course will give you a solid foundation and understanding to help you deepen your practice and knowledge.

Will I receive a training certificate after completing this course?

You will receive 20hr YACEP points for Yoga Alliance and a YogaCoach certification. 

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course content for a lifetime.

What are the course dates?

You start the moment you register for the course! Mind Coach is a study at your own pace training that will give you all the flexibility you need to learn and embody the practice into your life!

And the best part?!

Yoga Alliance now allows you to complete this Yoga Teacher Training Certification entirely online.

Join us there are no lock-in contracts.

What Our Students Say

So You're One of Those

"Scroll to the Bottom to See What's Included" Folks, Huh?

No Worries, Here's Everything You Get:

The Complete 20hr Mind Coach training and platform (value $2500)

 Bonus The Yogi Launchpad Training (value $99)

 Bonus The "No-Classes" Yoga Teacher Blueprint & Masterclass (value $247)

The business of meditation sales funnel

​ Course manual and teaching resources

Practice Library & manuals

Yoga Coach is a transformative coaching program.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your practice, supercharge your focus and elevate your teaching offerings, 

Mind Coach Training is for you!

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